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10 things people forget to clean in their office and what to do about it

When it comes to office cleaning, sometimes people often forget the little things. After all, the little things are not always in plain sight. At a surface level, this may not seem like a big deal. However, not cleaning every nook and crannies in your office will create several problems for your team. These problems may include health issues, a decrease in productivity, and even an impact on your company name. The best way to avoid all of this is to request the help of your local cleaning company to keep your office clean and disinfected at all times. However, if you prefer to take the DIY approach we got you covered. In this article, we will explore 10 of the most common things people often forget to clean in their office and what to do about it.

1. Office fridge

The office fridge is one of the most commonly forgotten items when it comes to cleaning. Since it is where you store your food, it is important to give it a good cleaning every few weeks. Wipe down the shelves and door with a mild solution of soap and water. Be sure to throw out any expired food items. Not cleaning the office fridge can lead to food poisoning or cross-contamination of food. One great way to keep this from happening is to reate a policy that all leftovers are thrown away at the end of the day every friday. This prevents food from spoiling and mold from growing.

2. Desk accessories
Any office desk is home to a lot of items – pens, paper clips, staplers, etc. While those items may not seem dirty, they can be covered in germs and bacteria. Especially if they are shared among coworkers. The best way to clean your desk accessories is to wipe them down with a disinfectant wipe or a cloth dampened with soapy water. Be sure to give your desk accessories a good cleaning at least once every 2 weeks. Failing to disinfect the desk accessories can lead to the spread of illnesses and diseases.

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3. Keyboard and mouse
If you are using a computer, then you are probably using a keyboard and mouse as well. Like any other item on your desk, your keyboard and mouse can become covered in germs over time.

4. Telephone and headset

Your telephone and headset are another set of items that are usually covered in germs. In fact, studies have shown that office telephones are some of the dirtiest items in any workplace. Be sure to clean your phone regularly with antibacterial wipes.

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5. Monitor

Just like your keyboard and mouse, your computer monitor can become covered in germs over time. It is recommended to use some type of disinfectant on the surface of your monitor to keep it clean and free of germs once every 2 weeks.

6. Printers and copiers

Your office most likely has a printer and/or scanner for everyone to use. The constant shared use of those items can and will leave them dirty. Even though they do not look dirty, germs and bacteria will still build-up, and the next person in line can get infected by just using them. Be sure to clean the office printers and copiers every week. The best way to clean your printer and scanner is to wipe them down with disinfectant spray, or antibacterial wipes. If you want to use eco-friendly cleaning products instead, a cloth damped in a solution of white vinegar and lemon juice will do the trick.

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7. Doorknobs, handles, and light switches
These are some of the most commonly touched items in any office, yet they are often forgotten when it comes to cleaning. In a similar way to your telephone and headset, office doorknobs, handles, and light switches can become covered in germs. The best way to clean them is to use disinfectant wipes or a cloth dampened with soapy water. Regularly cleaning these items will help prevent the spread of illnesses and diseases.

8. Coffee pot
Coffee breaks are an amazing part of the office experience. Coworkers gather around and have a cup (or two) while catching up on the latest office gossip. However, if the coffee pot is not cleaned properly, it can become the breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Never forget to clean your coffee pot after each use with soap and water or a disinfectant. One of the best ways to clean the inside of your coffee maker is to fill the pot with vinegar and water and turn the brewer on for 30 to 60 minutes.

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9.Vents and ceiling fans
Vents and ceiling fans are usually neglected when it comes to office cleaning. Vents and ceiling fans attract dust, dirt, and other debris. If they are not cleaned on a regular basis, they can start to circulate the dust, dirt, and other debris around the office This can lead to allergies or respiratory problems. Be sure to add vents and ceiling fans to your office cleaning checklist and give them a good cleaning every 2 to 3 weeks. A professional cleaning company can help you with this and any other cleaning task.

10.Carpets and rugs
Carpets and rugs are another often neglected item when it comes to office cleaning. Over time, carpets and rugs can become stained and full of dirt, and dust. Office carpets are often vacuumed but rarely cleaned. Vacuuming only solves part of the problem. You should deep clean your carpet regularly can help to keep them looking clean and fresh. Be sure to spot clean any spills or stains as soon as they happen.

Office cleaning can be a daunting task, It is important to clean all of the areas and items within your office. Be sure to remember to clean the areas listed in this article. By taking care of these areas or items on a regular basis, you can help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria in your office. A professional office cleaning company can help you with this and any other cleaning task.

Recommended Cleaning Frequency Chart

Recommended cleaning frequency of office items