Unmatched Window Cleaning

Services are provided by Aquafree’s experience team. Our superior window cleaning process cleans your windows with a unique green formula, leaving them exceptionally clean. We ensure that your windows will stay cleaner much longer than our competitors formula. Our employees are extensively educated; trained in job safety and follow all OSHA and EPA guidelines.

Our commitment to the environment

We, like you, value the environment for future generations with our commitment to being a green company. We always use methods and products to achieve that goal!

Window cleaning service includes:

Regular windows

* French pane windows

* Storm windows

* Storm doors

* Patio doors

* French doors

* Etc.

Why Choose AquaFree?

Our services are dependable and of world-class quality.


AquaFree carries workers compensation and general liability coverage on all our green technicians.


The respected author of the book "Outlier",writer for the Washington Post & New York Post, Malcolm Gladwell attributed the "10,000 Hour Rule for success in any field", saying it is a matter of practising a specific task for a total of around 10,000 hours!! before one can become proficient. Meaning: Doing it over ..and over..and over...again. Here at Aquafree, that would make us "masters at window cleaning", since we have accumulated tens of thousands of hours cleaning windows.


Has your window cleaner been properly trained in safe practices?

Our technicians are required to attend safety training in chemcial saftery,ladder safety, extention pole safety and all other safety procedures required to get the job done.


Is your window cleaner knowledgeable about proper cleaning methods and glass quality issues?

Aquafree green technicians attend mandatory employee education meetings and are thoroughly trained to adhere to safety protocols. Ongoing training and introduction to new tools and methods of cleaning and restoration, keep us up-to-date and competitive. Hence, we are versed in water spot prevention, scratch prevention and restoration services.

Environmentally Conscious

All of our solutions, chemicals and sealers are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. AquaFree is a “green” company, providing safer alternatives for the environment & for our customers. All of our restoration products are environmentally friendly, biodegradable and approved by OSHA. Our green technicians carry material safety information sheets on each chemical, to protect all parties.