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Carpets are an essential piece of any Gaithersburg home or business. They add comfort and style, but they also play a vital role in protecting your floors. Unfortunately, carpets can become stained and matted over time, making them difficult to clean and requiring special care. That’s where Aquafree Facilities Services comes in. We offer various carpet cleaning services designed to keep your carpets looking and smelling fresh. In addition, we have a favor to fit your needs, from deep cleaning to stain removal.

Carpet cleaning is an integral part of maintaining a healthy and clean home or business. It removes dirt, dust, and other debris, but it also helps to prolong the life of your carpets. Please request a free consultation today to see how we can help keep your Gaithersburg home or business looking its best.

Full immersion carpet cleaning service in Gaithersburg

We employ a unique technique known as complete immersion rug cleaning to clean your carpets. We’ll use our highly trained technicians to completely clean and sanitize your carpets. Our exclusive formula and specialized tools various clean surfaces, including area rug cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and hardwood floor cleaning.

Best cleaning company in Maryland

Our professionals use the latest equipment and techniques to get your carpets looking and smelling like new again. When you work with Aquafree Facilities services, you choose to work with a company that cares about the environment. We use 100% green-certified cleaning products. This allows us to protect your family, pets, and employees from harmful chemicals.

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