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3 Signs You’re in Need of Cleaning Services

According to Statista, all over North America, cleaning and janitorial services are generally handled by in-house teams. In a 2020 survey of facility managers, a little over 26% of respondents indicated that they outsourced their cleaning and maintenance services. On the other hand, 46% of respondents indicated that outsourcing is simply not an option. Are you wondering whether you need to outsource cleaning services? Here are some signs that can help you decide.

The Office Is Super Dirty

If you are using an in-house cleaning team, you expect them to make your life easier. While you may have a few complaints here and there, you shouldn’t be bothered by mundane cleaning problems. If you keep hearing complaints from your employees about the office being dirty or not having toilet paper in a restroom, it might be time to start considering outsourced cleaning services.

You Saw a Mouse

Seeing a single mouse dashing around the office might not seem like a huge problem. However, if you come across one, there are high chances that others are hiding somewhere, waiting to cause havoc. These little pests can squeeze into tight spaces, and they will usually come out when the coast is clear. It’s never a good thing to have pests in the office, and it might do a number on your reputation if a customer comes across a mouse. Once you start seeing pests around the office, you need to start reevaluating the competence (or lack thereof) of your office cleaning team. This might be a sign that you need to outsource your cleaning services.

Productivity Is Down

There is an association between a clean working environment and productivity. If you are starting to notice a decrease in productivity, then it might be time to check what’s happening with your cleaning team. Even if you have every other supply that your employees need, if there is no proper office maintenance, your productivity may suffer greatly. Your employees might feel additional stress from an unclean environment. Additionally, dust and other airborne particles can cause health problems and allergies. If that starts happening, you must start looking into how you can get outsourced cleaning services.

These are some signs that you may need to outsource your cleaning services. Maintaining a clean office should be a priority. If you need help finding the best cleaning services, get in touch with us today, and we will assist. We would love to hear from you.

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